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Remoter VNC 4.5.02 (Pro 1.5.02) Known Issues:

Issue 1) (Oct-31st): Remoter VNC crashing on startup.

Details) This seems to be caused by an extraneous response from Apple for in-app-purchases.

Work-Around) This happens on startup, so please try the following: Temporarily disable WiFi, start Remoter, wait a around little bit, then re-enable WiFi.

Fix) We’ve submitted 4.5.03 to Apple for review


 Issue 2) All the In-App-Purchases are gone. (This not really a Remoter issue; but it’s common with the iOS7 update)

Solution) Please select “Restore Purchases” in the “Remoter Store” screen.

If this doesn’t work, you might need to sign out and back in in your device’s Settings – iTunes & App Store. Reboot your phone at this point. Then start Remoter – Remoter Store – Restore Purchases.


Remoter VNC 4.5.01 (Pro 1.5.01) Known Issues:

Issue 1) Remoter quits when trying to delete a session in the Session List

Work-Around) (This issue will be resolved in the next release, in the mean time you can do this): This issue occurs when more than 1 session have the same name. A work-around is to make sure all sessions have unique names, then deleting should work correctly.


Older Issues

Remoter VNC 4.0.1 (Pro 1.4.02) Known Issues:

Issue 2) Remoter crashes when closing a VNC session

We’re working on this ATM. Please expect an update in the next week or so.



Update 08/27/13: Both issues listed below have been corrected in Remoter VNC 4.0.01 and Pro 1.4.03. Please update.

If you continue to have issues, please contact us!

Update 08/22/13: The listed known issues, along with a series of others have been fixed, and submitted to Apple for review (as Remoter VNC 4.0.01 and Pro 1.4.03)

08/20/2013: Remoter VNC 4.0.0 / Remoter Pro 1.4.02 Known issues:

Issue 1) Mac Multi-Monitor Support: The screen order can sometimes be reversed, causing clicks to happen on the wrong display

Work-Around 1) Install RemoterFusion on your Mac (Get It Here). (Note that you don’t need to buy the IAP or register RemoterFusion) (Note that RF uses TCP port 15900 if setting up manually)

Work-Around 2) Zoom in a bit with the pinch motion, then select “Define Rectangle” from the menu. Then Select “Reset Rectangle”


 Issue 2) Remoter Crashes when using the Old Style Server Selection UI (non-Grid)

Work-Around) Please udpate to the Grid Selection UI. The Old style is deprecated and will be removed in the next version:

SelectGrid SelectRemoterConfig




Older News:

07/31/2013: Remoter Pro 1.4.01 is out

12/20/2012: 3.8.6 – When Remoter VNC is updated to 3.8.6, the new Grid UI is started for the first time. This initial switch is causing issues for some users, where half of the iPad screen becomes not responsive.

To resolve, simply exit Remoter, and close it in the multi-task bar. When Remoter is opened again, the problem is gone.


NOTE FOR LION USERS: In Remoter’s lingo, “VNC Username” and “VNC Password” refer to your Mac’s username and password respectively. Please be sure to enter this information in the session editor. You should also disable ScreenSharing’s “VNC Password” setting if you enabled it.

09/21/2012: 3.8.1 (And Remoter Pro 1.2.0) has been submitted to Apple: Corrects some crashes on some devices/firmware, enables HW keyboard support on iOS6

09/20/2012: Support for external keyboards has been fixed for iOS6, and will be submitted in the 3.8.1 update ASAP

06/21/2012: Crash issue with all versions of Remoter VNC . (*resolved*)  Please see here:

Please see this thread if you have problems with Lion: Forum Link

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