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Remoter VNC

Remoter VNC 2.4 is out!

More details in the forum. (iTunes Link)

Included in 2.4:

-SSH Key Manager




  1. The 2.4 update is amazing! I only have two problems with it: One being that I cannot seem to find the Mac keys… Perhaps in the next version, you could add a feature that allows the user to determine which type of box they will be connecting to, and adjust the keyboard accordingly…
    Two, in landscape mode, I find it difficult to reach the bottom menu item: the one for taking thumbnails.

    • raf says:

      To force-enable the Mac keys, go into Advanced in session editor, there you can choose the OS. Select “Mac”.
      About the “Manual Thumbnail” not accessible in landscape mode. I’ll get that corrected for 2.4.1. Thanks for the feedback!


      • I think you left out that option in the session editor, I do not see it!

        • raf says:

          This is a VNC session, right? Make sure you tap on the “Advanced” button, and the option, it’s called “OS Type” will be the first one under the “VNC Advanced Settings” section.

          • Oh no… It was a SSH… It’s still needed to cut and paste though… CMD+V…

          • raf says:

            A-ha!. To copy in Remoter, (in SSH), you don’t use CMD+C, you just select the region of text by dragging (double-tap and hold, the virtual trackpad is good for this). That’s it.
            To paste, use the “Direct Paste” option.

  2. I guess I will join your forum, and if you want, you can make me a beta tester. I love this program! And thank you for giving us a transparent keyboard! Would it be much trouble to let us control the Alpha value??

  3. Can it be configured to work through the back-to-my-mac feature of MobileMe?

  4. oz says:

    I´ve just updated and since than remote vnc stopped working. When i want to connect with my mac it says: my host is not allowed to connect (loosly translated) because my login data is not accepted. Before the uptade it just worked perfectly. Do you have an idea to get it working again. I use vnc with mac os x 10.5.8. Thanks guys!

  5. oz says:

    okay, you have to setup it again, than it will work again. oz

    • raf says:

      Thanks for letting me know. And glad it’s working.

      • oz says:

        hey, if i want to use remote vnc i always have to setup it again, cause else i´ll get the message i wrote to you above. Have you any idea whats wrong, my ip is not changing, that was the only thing i could think of.
        Another problem ist the letters x,y because they are switched in germany, would be nice if you can change that. another thing is, that you cant write ö,ä,ü and letters like that. if you push the letter ö for a few seconds, they are shown to you, but you cannot “click” them. And if you are in the “signs” bar (where you find ?,.-…) the signs on the keyboard are not the signs you writte. I really like your programm and hope you can fix it, i´ll check that blog next time out again, if you have any questions im pleased to answer them. bye

        • raf says:

          Hi oz, have you tried going into Remoter Config, and configuring the Keyboard for German? That should take care of the keyboard problems you’re having hopefully.

  6. This app is crap. How do I get my money back???

    • raf says:

      I’m sorry to hear that. You can request a refund from Apple.

  7. In version 2.4, what happened to the right click and double click buttons? Verson 2.02 had a row of buttons across the bottom, but they do not appear in the new version. Where are they?

    • raf says:

      Bring the bottom toolbar back simply by disabling “Dynamic Toolbar” in Remoter Config

  8. Oops. Figured it out. Sorry.

  9. Ok i’ve installed this…but i can’t seem to connect to my computer…what is the username it keeps asking me for and where do i find it? it seems to be nowhere in the settings from what i found on the ultravnc

    • raf says:

      Hi Josh,
      You don’t need to specify a username, unless you set up UltraVNC with the “MS-Logon” feature, then the username is your Windows account name, and your password is your windows account password.
      If you don’t have MS-Logon enabled, then leave the username blank, and simply specify the password you used in the UltraVNC configuration.


      • well it still keeps saying disconnected and i have ultravnc setup and all the disabled in the admin settings unchecked but ti’s still not working

        • raf says:

          Josh: Please email me at support AT rafsoftware DOT com, and I’ll do my best to help you.