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Remoter VNC 2.0 is Ready for Sale!

UPDATE: Remoter VNC 2.0 will be out tomorrow Wednesday 16th!

UPDATE 2: Remoter VNC 2.0 is now Ready for Sale!


Finally, after working on version 1.9 (now called 2.0) for 2.5 months; I’m happy to let you know that I just submitted it to Apple for review.

I really hope you enjoy this new version. It has a lot of enhancements, fixes, and of course the new in-app purchase supported SSH and Telnet options (powered by PuTTY’s engine!).

SSH can not just be used to establish terminal connections, but also to tunnel VNC. Allowing for secure, VNC connections over SSH. Not only that, SSH can also be used to create any TCP tunnel you wish, and it will run while the device is in the background (for up to 10 minutes, Apple’s restriction) allowing ANY application to run though the secure tunnel. Up to 5 tunnels can be setup.

Another big improvement: Bonjour and NetBIOS support for computer discovery. Now it’s a lot easier to setup Remoter to connect to your machine. Just pick it from the Discovery List, and it’s hostname, port, and even the MAC address will auto-fill the Session Editor screen.


For a complete list of changes, see my post here:



Thanks for your support of Remoter!,




  1. Quick question:
    If I buy the current 1.8 version can I update to 2.0 or did you submit it as a new App ID?

    • raf says:

      It will be a free upgrade for anybody that’s gotten a previous version of Remoter (same App ID).

  2. Okay, rafi, I purchased all your updates, and i have two requests… make that 3!

    1. Allow the user to select the color of the text when using SSH.
    2. Allow the user to adjust the opacity of the keyboard.
    3. You look as if you have a the about button not aligned correctly.

    • raf says:

      1. Text color is working, and is controlled by the terminal. By default, I use the xterm-color TERM format.

      2. Keyboard is semi-transparent at the moment; but I could give the user more control over the transparency level, I guess

      3. Already fixed, and will be in 2.01: see here:

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Great update though, thanks!

  4. I have discovered another small bug… If you trigger the keyboard really fast repeatably, it gets stuck until you reset the program.

    SSH is working great with screen & irssi!

    • raf says:

      Really? If you’re able to recreate, PLEASE send me the steps required to raf AT rafsoftware DOT com

      Thanks, Nitrus!.


  5. I would also like to see the click noise at the same volume as the keyboard’s clicking or possibly a different sound all together.

    having the the keyboard and mouse keys on the left – both top and bottom… seems to be a waste of screen real-estate.

    why not have the top appear only when the keyboard is open…?

    This version seems a little clunky. Definitely doesn’t feel as solid as the last.

    • raf says:

      Could you be more specific on what you mean by clunky? I’d be happy to correct any problems for 2.01


  6. Oh, and why aren’t the keys of the keyboard transparent like the background of the keyboard?

  7. edit – having the the keyboard and mouse keys on the RIGHT – both top and bottom… seems to be a waste of screen real-estate.

  8. Better yet… Why not just get rid of the buttons and use gestures, like your 3 finger tap for fullscreen 😉

    Sorry, I am going on and on… That’s all for now.

    • raf says:

      Good feedback though!, I invite you to open a forum account, and add your suggestions to the forum. It will be easier for me to address them there. Thanks!

  9. I downloaded the app plus add-ons a few days ago – best I’ve come across yet. One thing missing to make it perfect for me though – any plans to support key-based authentication for SSH?

    • raf says:

      Thanks!, and yes, key-based authentication is a planned feature. Will be included in 2.1. See here: // (Which reminds me, I need to open a ticket for this feature!).
      BTW, are you fanjita of PSP fame? I was the author of PSPRadio (not sure if you were familiar with it) 🙂