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Remoter URL Handling

Remoter URL Handling

Remoter (both the iOS and Mac versions) can be started from another applications, or from a website by using a simple URL scheme system.


The URL scheme is of the following form:


(Sections in brackets [] are optional)




connects using VNC over SSH to mymacbook (via the mysshserver SSH server). Since the password for the VNC server is not specified, you will be prompted for it


connects to mymacbook via VNC using the username raf and password p4ss


connects to the rdp server win7box using the domain03/raf as the username


Scheme Names:

vnc:// or remoter-vnc:// > VNC

rdp:// or remoter-rdp:// > RDP

ssh:// or remoter-ssh:// > SSH

telnet:// or remoter-telnet:// > Telnet


Valid Keys:

viassh > for VNC-over-SSH or RDP-over-SSH. The value is the server name

user > refers to the SSH user in a -over-SSH connection. The value is the user name

pass > refers to the SSH password in a -over-SSH connection. The value is the password

port > refers to the SSH port. The value is the port number

domain > refers to the domain for an RDP connection. The value is the domain

connect > if set to no, the connection will not start automatically (the default is to connect). Value is yes or no

savesession > if set to no, the connection will not be added to the list of sessions (the default is to save the session). Value is yes or no

sessionname > if used, it specifies the session name to use when saving the session. Value is the desired session name

resolution > for rdp, it specifies the desired resolution. Value is of the heightxwidth form (ex: 1024×768)

bpp > for VNC or RDP, it specifies the desired color depth. Valid values are 8, 16 or 32

nla > for RDP, enable to use NLA (default is not to use NLA). Valid values are yes or no

bitmapcache > for RDP, disable to not use the bitmap cache (default is to use the bitmap cache). Values are yes or no

sendunicode > for RDP, enable to send keyboard events using unicode (default is to not use unicode). Values are yes or no

userootconsole > for RDP, enable to connect to the root console (default is to not connect to the root console). Values are yes or no