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Remoter Reviews on iTunes, and news on SSH tunneling

You might wonder why every time I release a new version of Remoter, ask customers to go and rate it on iTunes.
The reason, as I ranted in the forums, is that every time a new version of Remoter comes out, iTunes displays the overall ratings across all versions. Since earlier versions of Remoter weren’t as polished as the current version, they somehow garnered a whole bunch of 1-star reviews. Only after enough ratings are collected for the current version (~5), the average for the current version is displayed as well.
You might wonder “what’s the big deal”. Turns out that every time I release a new version of Remoter, the ratings effectively go down from 5 (or 4.5 stars) down to 3. This affects sales immensely. I see sales cut in half or more every time I release a new version. Which makes me almost want to stop releasing updates. (But I won’t, don’t worry). I just ask in exchange, that if you like Remoter, just rate (or re-rate) it when new versions come out.

Just head over to Remoter’s page on iTunes to rate it:

Thanks for listening…


PS: I said I had some news on SSH tunneling. I almost forgot. Well, SSH tunneling is working in the pre-beta version of Remoter, and it’s fast and so far working perfectly. I’m really excited about this. This will be an in-App purchase, and will only be $0.99. But I’ll talk about it some more, once I’m closer to the release date..