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Postby gnetsurpher » Sat Jul 02, 2011 12:40 pm

Can anyone explain WHAT is Remoter Complete, the in app purchase? I'm debating on a vnc and this one has great ratings and is very cheap, but I don't understand what that in app purchase is. If I buy just the .99 version what can I not do that I could do if I did the in app purchase of Complete? Help!
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Re: Remoter Complete

Postby raf » Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:50 pm

You don't need any in-app purchases in order to use Remoter and connect to Windows or Mac computers via VNC (or Screen Sharing).
The Add ons provide extra functionality such as SSH and Telnet.

These are the descriptions of the add-ons:
Telnet - $1.99 at the moment
This purchase adds the ability to connect to machines running a Telnet server. Sessions can be kept persistently via the use of unix tools such as screen.

SSH - $0.99 at the moment
This purchase adds support for establishing SSH (Secure Shell) connections to servers running an SSH server. Combined with VNC, this option also allows for secure VNC over SSH connections. This option also allows the creation of arbitrary TCP tunnels.

Complete - $3.99 at the moment:
This purchase enables all current and future add-ons to Remoter. It's a great way to future-proof Remoter.
Currently, it includes SSH and Telnet. Current price will increase as more add-ons are released!
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