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Developers claim the app supports RDP, but it's not

PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 5:10 am
by Fender
I am talking about using RDP gateway.

This feature was requested in 2011 and the dev said he would look into it, three years later we still have no RDP Gateway support.
Can this be because the dev doesn't give a crap about what is needed by his clients? Oviously it can and he doesn't.

If the app does not support RDP gateways, why not say so in caps on the app page - WE DO NOT SUPPORT RDP TO THE FULL EXTENT, BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE, THANK YOU.
But no, we better take money first and then see what happens.

Thank God Microsoft made a very nice RDP client that just works, and it's free (It's called RD Client)

So, to sum it up - boo, devs, boo.