Arrow keys not working properly

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Arrow keys not working properly

Postby netmax » Mon Jun 09, 2014 6:37 am


I've bought Remoter which seems to me a good all-in-one solution for RDP, SSH and Telnet.

I've actually two issues with it:

Normally on a Telnet connection the "Arrow up/down" key brings up the last used commands. Works like a charm with Terminal, ITerm2, ZOC ... but remoter just gives me a "0A" in the line when using the arrow key "up". There seems to be something wrong.

When resizing the window manually, Remoter correctly sends the resized window size to the server. But it misses this when using the "+" button for maximize the window, in this case the server uses only a part of the window.

It would be great to have these issues fixed.
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