Remoter Fusion for Windows not working...

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Remoter Fusion for Windows not working...

Postby hyperdellic » Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:46 pm

When I tried to connect in the ios version of Remoter using the fusion option I get an error and it won't connect to my Windows 7 laptop (previous to the most recent update, it worked fine). So I then tried to unregister and reregister in the Setup tab of the fusion desktop app I get an error that states "Invalid Command Issued - RemoterFusion out of date?"

I'm using windows version 0.0.2..... Is there a newer version, if so, I can't find a link to it. Or, has it just not been updated?... Please advise, Yo. I paid fer this, it'd be awesome if it worked,.... Ya know?
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