Invisible trackpad issues after update to v4.0.1

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Invisible trackpad issues after update to v4.0.1

Postby katzenbach » Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:50 pm

I've been using remoter for a couple of years now & recently upgraded to v4.0.1. My device is an iPhone 4s running ios 6.1.3 (10B329). I also have an iPad 1 at home, running ios 5.1.3, which has the same issue, described below.

I primarily use remoter to connect to my WinXP system at home, using UltraVNC Win32 Server, v1.1.8.9

I have the trackpad set to invisible mode. This has always worked perfectly for me in the past. However, since the last upgrade, this doesn't work predictably, when I try to move the cursor by swiping around my iphone screen. Sometimes this works but often the swipe is mistaken for a right mouse button click.

Is there a trick to using this properly or is there a setting where the behaviour of "invisible trackpad" mode can be restored to that of the previous version? Or is this a bug that could be fixed in the next upgrade.

Thanks for your support.
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