Wireless Wake on Demand

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Wireless Wake on Demand

Postby stilllearning » Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:26 pm

Subject = Wireless Wake on Demand as described here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3774?view ... cale=en_US

Quote from this Apple support web page: "Wireless Wake on Demand: You can use Wake on Demand wirelessly with recently-shipping Macs . . . If you see "Wake On Wireless: Supported", your Mac supports Wake on Demand when connected to your wireless network and automatically registered with the (Bonjour) Sleep Proxy Server."

My Goal = To use an iPad3 to wake a sleeping MBP when both are wirelessly connected via the Apple Time Capsule WiFi (802.11n). The MPB is wireless only, no Ethernet connection to the Apple Time Capsule WiFi router.

My configuration
- MacBook Pro (supports Wake on Wireless)
- Apple Time Capsule (primary WiFi for iPad3 and MacBook Pro)
- iPad3 (WiFi only) running Remoter VNC 3.8.5

The problem = I have not tested thoroughly, but it looks like Remoter always wakes the MBP (drive starts to spin, display lights up) but it does not always establish the connection on the 1st attempt, if ever. If, after waking the MBP, I try a second time to connect, I can sometimes connect, but not always. I have seen these outcomes: Remoter wakes MBP and connects on 1st attempt, Remoter wakes MBP on 1st attempt ("Connecting" with a spinning wheel but no "Connection Established") and connects on 2nd attempt, Remoter wakes MBP on 1st attempt but does not connect, even after multiple attempts (more than 2 attempts).

The question = Should I expect to be able to use Remoter, running on an iPad3, to wake a sleeping MBP via Wireless Wake on Demand?
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Re: Wireless Wake on Demand

Postby raf » Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:46 am

The behavior is the expected behavior.
Apple's "Wireless Wake-on-demand" is completely transparent to all applications, and the only thing Remoter could do would be to do a fake "connect" just to wake the system up, and then attempt to connect later? I'm not really sure what the best approach would be.
Food for thought/discussion.

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