[unix] use x11vnc instead of vncserver (new plugin?)

[unix] use x11vnc instead of vncserver (new plugin?)

Postby Sharper56 » Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:43 pm

In linux, to grab my running display I need to use a utility call 'x11vnc' which will create an vnc server mirroring the any X11 display ([host]:0) on the standard :5900 vnc port.

Using this functionality in Remoter VNC requires:
1. Open SSH session,
.... Run appropriate x11vnc command string
.... Throw this session into the background
2. Open VNC via SSH session,to connect to the now running vnc server.

It would be great to simplify this to just a single connection, either by
... In the VNC to SSH plugin, creating an advanced switch to let the user specify the vnc command to use.
... Creating a plugin specific to the 'x11vnc' command.
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