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VNC Server for iOS

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:53 pm
by macmedix
As a tech support professional, we REALLY need a VNC SERVER for iOS. So I can see their iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch screen from my Mac and help the iPad user remotely.

Does Apple disallow offering a VNC server for iOS? We really need this. There must be a way, and I don't mean jailbreaking.

If you could write a separate app that is only a VNC server for iOS that would be great. Something that is really simple to set up, and supports connecting to it via a dyndys name and/or IP number. The interface to it needs to be simple, so the tech support guy (me) can easily/quickly talk a user through setting it up so we can see the iOS screen and deal with whatever the problem is. Please?

Re: VNC Server for iOS

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:53 am
by raf
I really wish this was posible, but it isn't. Apple doesn't allow applications running in the background from controlling the device, or even accessing the framebuffer (screen) when the app is in the background.
The only way is via jailbreak.

This is unfortunate, I agree.


Re: VNC Server for iOS

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:44 pm
by macmedix
Thanks for the answer. I was afraid of that. I can't even consider asking all my clients to jailbreak their iOS devices just so I can see their screen. I'll just have to work on developing my ESP so I can guess what they are seeing.

Re: VNC Server for iOS

PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2013 11:52 pm
by pacco
[I'm sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but I thought it might help others. I hope I'm not violating forum rules by discussing unrelated apps. If so, I apologize]

As mentioned, Apple policies currently don't allow for remote control of iOS-based devices. However, I thought I'd share an adhoc solution that may help if you're able to RDP/VNC into a local PC/Mac on the same subnet as the iOS device you're trying to support -- install an AirPlay mirroring server app on it then have the iOS user connect to it so that you can see what they're seeing via remote desktop. (i.e., turn a remote box into an Airplay server, have the iOS user mirror their screen to it and watch everything by remote desktop to the box)


- Won't let you actually control the iOS device, but will show you what the user sees. Great for phone support.
- Must be a relatively new iOS device (iPad2/iPhone 4S or newer)
- None of the AirPlay server apps are free (but aren't too expensive either)
- Must have access to a remote machine on same subnet as iOS user that you have the ability/rights to install 3rd party app and license on.