Repeater Option Request and Clarification

Repeater Option Request and Clarification

Postby sageturkey » Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:06 pm

Greeting raf and others.
I recently purchased Remoter in the hopes that I could use it to connect to my VNC repeater that I have set up, but it does not have that option. I read through other posts that had requested this feature, in one post you had replied that you weren't familiar with the VNC repeater. In the simplest terms, the VNC repeater hosts the connection between a VNC Server and a VNC viewer. Both the server and viewer connect to the host (repeater) and are then connected to each other.

One of the functions of the repeater is the ability to host numerous connections between multiple servers and viewers. Because if this functionality, when connecting the viewer (IE: Remoter) to the VNC repeater, it is necessary to pass a session ID to the repeater. As an example, server connects to the repeater with session ID 1 - viewer connects to the repeater with ID 1, they are connected together. At the same time, another server connects to the repeater with ID 2 - viewer connects to the repeater with ID 2 and those 2 PC's are connected.

I have also purchased another VNC application which does have the repeater option, but it does not utilize SSH. A user can purchase their SDK and make their own SSH enabled viewer, but that option does not come built-in apparently because it's much more complicated to design. In order to have a repeater option, all that has to be done from a programming standpoint is to provide a 'repeater' checkbox and a 'Session ID' field in which the user can enter the session ID which is then passed to the repeater.
Enclosed are 2 examples of the command lines used in a batch file used to establish connections to a VNC Server. The first directly to a VNC Server, the second to a VNC Repeater.
Direct to Server: start /b c:\progra~1\uvncbv~1\ultravnc\winvnc.exe -connect -run
To Repeater: start /b c:\progra~1\uvncbv~1\ultravnc\winvnc.exe -id:5975 -connect -run

The only difference between the two, is the addition of the Session ID (-ID:5975) in the second example.

I have attached a screenshot of the configuration page for the other VNC viewer that I have purchased to show an example of the Session id field.
The viewer works great and connects to my repeater flawlessly, but I really would like the added security of the SSH connection that your product provides.
I can provide you with the name of the other product if you wish, I just didn't want to post it here in case it was against the forum's terms.

I tested Remoter and was able to connect to my SSH server quite easily, it's basically one small and seemingly easily implementable feature away from being the perfect product for not only my needs, but others in my company as well.
I appreciate your efforts on what I feel is a great product and hope to be able to use it to connect to my VNC Repeater in the near future. As it stands now though, I am forced to use the other VNC viewer without the added security of an SSH tunnel. If you can update Remoter to add this functionality or can provide instruction on how to modify the current one to meet this need, I will have more sales waiting for you :)

Thanks and look forward to your reply,
Screenshot of "The Other" VNC Viewer.
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