Support for vPro version of VNC

Support for vPro version of VNC

Postby Acestes » Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:18 pm

First a quick thanks for the excellent Remoter Pro. It really is great and I use it all the time and it really was worth the money.

Now to the request :D One thing it is missing is the ability to connect to a vPro enabled PC using VNC. For those not in the know vPro allows systems administrators to control the computer from the BIOS level. So even if it is powered off you can wake it up, see it boot and even go in to the BIOS and make changes if you need to. It uses a modified version of VNC to do this and has the VNC server built in to the processor\BIOS. Unfortunatly this version doesn't quite work with the standard VNC viewer without some tweaks as it uses different ports and probably some other stuff, but Intel do provide an SDK which may tell you what is different. It can do a lot of clever things beyond the standard screen viewing, such as device redirection so you can even install the OS remotely, but I wouldn't expect that to be implmented here as I would imagine it would be a lot of work for maybe one or two people to use!
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Re: Support for vPro version of VNC

Postby alexschomb » Fri Oct 18, 2013 6:36 am

I second that request. AFAIK Chicken (of the VNC) already supports Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) and is Open Source. You might find some inspiration in their codebase:

On the other hand the ppl at UltraVNC stated that vPro should be compatible with standard VNC requests:

Did you try connecting to your vPro machine with Remoter? For my part I don't have a vPro machine available. Most Office & Server CPU support vPro, but the mainboards don't.
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