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Remoter VNC v1.6 is OUT!

Postby raf » Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:10 pm

Just wanted to share that version v1.6 is coming along nicely. It will support all iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. (Although an iPhone 4 is probably best, for memory requirements).
It will also add support for iOS firmware 4.x+. Support mutitasking, and the Retina Display.

iPhone screenshots: (these are from a beta version. the final version will have all glitches corrected, and might look different)
(click on the pictures to expand them)

UPDATE: 10/27/2010: Replaced the shots with smaller, easier to see shots of v1.6 BETA (a newer beta, -- hope you like the new icons)

UPDATE: 10/31/2010: Submitted to Apple for review. Happy halloween everybody!

UPDATE: 11/12/2010: Remoter v1.6 is out, and on sale for $0.99 for the whole weekend!! Go update now, and tell your friends about it!
It would be great, as well, if you could leave a review for Remoter if you like it!
(It should be available on the App store momentarily!)

UPDATE: 11/15/2010: I'm extending the $0.99 Sale for a couple more days! Please tell your friends, and don't forget to rate remoter if you like it!!
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Re: Remoter VNC v1.6 coming out soon!

Postby Flopticalcube » Fri Oct 15, 2010 1:20 pm

What changes can we expect from 1.51?
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Re: Remoter VNC v1.6 coming out soon!

Postby raf » Fri Oct 15, 2010 8:00 pm

Flopticalcube wrote:What changes can we expect from 1.51?

Mainly 4.x support on both the iPhone and iPad platforms. Plus some bug fixes. No new features.
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Re: Remoter VNC v1.6 coming out soon!

Postby raf » Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:02 am

UPDATE: 10/27/2010: Replaced the shots with smaller, easier to see shots of v1.6 BETA (a newer beta, -- hope you like the new icons)

--Turns out 1.6 will have a TON of bug fixes, and enhancements. Look forward to it hitting the App Store soon!
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Re: Remoter VNC v1.6 coming out soon!

Postby raf » Thu Oct 28, 2010 10:03 am

To give you a glimpse of what's coming in 1.6, here's a raw (and candid) changelog:
(The change log is in reverse order, start from the bottom if you want to go chronologically)

commit 391a2db210b406db56197bfe538755a851673fb8
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 23:50:30 2010 -0400

-Added server type to session edit and connection view controller
-New customviewcell: label+button (used for server type)

commit da774e746c86901efac137b0472bc9779685c326
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 22:00:17 2010 -0400

-V4 session configuration: new field - server type.

commit 8e27d18a0e8b3de69a8a6a9d16208d07653fbde1
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 20:05:36 2010 -0400

-Dismiss keyboard when dismissing alerts that request username/password

commit 742d4165320b32c79590c062d56fae633891a681
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 01:08:54 2010 -0400

-Pointer is now hidden also on fullscreen switch

commit aeced8dd1866fe07ce028372a1e91f94a45089bd
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 01:03:41 2010 -0400

-On iPhone now virtual track pad button is on the top toolbar
-Paste button (iPhone) is on the bottom toolbar and a bit bigger so letters fit in f/w < 4.2
-Automatic drag-mode now available by double tapping the screen directly

commit 26c7551beb15bb90d812f27ecc53f37534d8ac97
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 00:42:40 2010 -0400

-More icon updates

commit b428f323aaf511294057ce0d040813ba7129ed1a
Author: Raf <>
Date: Tue Oct 26 20:05:55 2010 -0400

-New icon

commit cc3a989388702daec01fca342c5d3a87e0aaa938
Author: Raf <>
Date: Tue Oct 26 09:41:39 2010 -0400

-Updates to remoter config. checksum. New fields.
-Changes to dragging, so as soon as dragging ends, the server is notified so that dragging doesn't continue on the next cursor movement.

commit fd6d9b5706248f5906781a497376b9f856812b79
Author: Raf <>
Date: Mon Oct 25 19:15:18 2010 -0400

-Hide the cursor pointer when the user scrolls.
-Made the virtual track pad bigger for iPad
-Increased the disconnect timer to 45s, as 15s was causing timeouts on slow connections.

commit 02511dd7058b435e0aba7b824dcc2a8e8a83aa7e
Author: Raf <>
Date: Mon Oct 25 02:02:37 2010 -0400

New beta version

commit 970caf1e5d94411b2d4a39043213698d7c30cd92
Author: Raf <>
Date: Mon Oct 25 02:00:16 2010 -0400

-Moved connection config into "Config" folder
-Adding new Remoter config. For app related config. As opposed to session specific data.
-Added heartbeat timer system. If no messages received in 5sec, a screen update is requested. If nothing is received for 10 more seconds, the connection is terminated.
-Fixed paste (on Mac it was skipping chars), by adding an inter character delay of 30ms. (this is to help the server)
-If no usable data is in the pasteboard, give the user a message, as opposed to not doing anything.

commit f4e24a85352775b9ec6a4ea6216d3f3879bcbe61
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sun Oct 24 20:18:23 2010 -0400

-About in help now displays the actual remoter version
-Hide pointer on disconnect

commit cedc03529901f412662cd37225f1693a5d417466
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sun Oct 24 12:44:18 2010 -0400

-Automatically saving screenshot/thumbnail when going into the background (4+ firmware)

commit d724ce6e5c84366ffa02cb73582ff70635a4d455
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sun Oct 24 12:35:55 2010 -0400

-Sessions icon
-Minimum zoom level is always the correct size; only current zoom level is set on zoom level button. This allows the user to zoom out.
-Fixed default thumbnail icon now

commit e7588cdb4c1cf2e56cd4b8e1af7d9bbd7da75ad3
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sun Oct 24 01:42:45 2010 -0400

-Slowed down paste so that it works better w/some servers
-Clear on disconnect
-Started adding heartbeat timer

commit 5fbe4d65c151135ac91218e16168b67e30943440
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sat Oct 23 01:58:54 2010 -0400

-When app becomes active after being suspended, now requests username/password again if required before reconnecting.
-Added Retina display icon for iPhone4 (114x114)

commit d552ce60c9f3539a886d023c6d34337b152ae8a5
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sat Oct 23 01:37:56 2010 -0400

-Fixed zooming problem. Now scroll view and image view are generated programatically on every connection.
-Fixed problem in filtImageMaxInScrollArea and fitImageMinInScrollArea, where a div by 0 could happen when called before the remote resolution is set
-Fixed a bug where Remoter would crash if the paste button was tapped, but the pasteboard was empty.

commit 51de2a04d7bd4d8eedabd3fc13a4caade65b237b
Author: Raf <>
Date: Fri Oct 22 21:14:54 2010 -0400

-For now ignoring remote pointer update messages, as they cause some cursor jitter
-Dismiss the keyboard in the Session Edit screen when the user taps "Advanced" -- this way the new advanced fields are not hidden for iphone users.
-Statically set all custom cell view controllers. Hopefully this will correct issues reported where some fields were being displayed with the wrong frame origin.

commit 4a1212a04ad7466f9c522a2476d566085bf3b01c
Author: Raf <>
Date: Fri Oct 22 02:11:22 2010 -0400

-Started making updates to correct the problem w/ zoom level getting messed up on reconnect -- disabled for now, need to sleep. Will finish tomorrow.

commit 11ca80120041f5c5ebda4032ad4ef27dbdbf8fb2
Author: Raf <>
Date: Fri Oct 22 01:32:07 2010 -0400

-Added three zoom level types: 1:1, fit-min, fit-max. The zoom button now switches between these three types.
-Also now the default zoom type is fit-max (used to be fit-min)

commit c1967faf75655a4e13a80b1a575b4fea8a5e3ee3
Author: Raf <>
Date: Fri Oct 22 01:13:44 2010 -0400

-Fix: Don't change zoom level on keyboard dismiss.
-Now keyboard button is highlighted when keyboard is up

commit 746c3a535c01085c188444f44aa2d3edf003bae9
Author: Raf <>
Date: Fri Oct 22 00:55:42 2010 -0400

-Triple-tapping allowed on virtual TrackPad (for fullscreen switching). Still hard to do.

commit 644729c085a439a8177513aa0033c0e9703eee22
Author: Raf <>
Date: Fri Oct 22 00:48:35 2010 -0400

-Added better point adjustment code for when the pointer goes out of bounds.
-Made iPhone trackpad a bit smaller

commit 1770cf09cb8ef951afb5a76cb3103817ab805f4e
Author: Raf <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 23:09:06 2010 -0400

-Cleaned up pointer location- remote-vs-local implementation. Much cleaner now, and cursor transitions from different shapes correctly. Shouldn't 'jump' anymore.

commit 24f32dccfc194f3b3e99dcfc9c85123fec365b26
Author: Raf <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 22:28:21 2010 -0400

-Made keyboard notification system <3.2 compatible

commit f34e3ffc3efcb221ea2bafcac7290cbce761b6c2
Author: Raf <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 21:47:22 2010 -0400

-Removed not-needed SubstitutableDetailViewController
-Session button now part of ConnDisplay view controller xib
-Corrected a bug where the help button and the session editor button could cause the popover controller from being released twice
-Corrected the session editor sender. Now using the session editor button from the top-bar
-Fixed problem in the session editor viewDidLoad method, where the keyboard notifications where being set up for all iOS devices. This is not needed for iPad, as the view is displayed inside a popover. This was causing the view from being displayed incorrectly, as the keyboard appeared. (now only done for devices >= 3.2 and not ipad. -- as this seems to also create issues in f/w < 3.2)
-Made the session editor popover bigger, now 320x480 instead of 320x320.
-Reduced the about animation files sizes by resampling.

commit b196ebb4c9356a6ac90261c8a1cadebb78b044a9
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 23:29:08 2010 -0400

-Fixed zoom level on rotation / fullscreen mode
-Three-button-tap now works outside of the image buffer area to get in/out of fullscreen mode.

commit 7021159396038e64248fd053c07c2ddd7f486ecf
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 22:25:39 2010 -0400

-Created separate xibs for connection view for iPad and iPhone.
-Dragging can be initiated naturally from Trackpad, by double tap-hold like on a real trackpad.
-Support for multitasking is now queried differently so it can work in prev f/w
-Now displays "Reconnecting" when reconnecting, instead of "Connecting"
-Now calling statusBarHidden w/arguments compatible with previous f/w
-Gesture recognizer is not used for f/w < 3.2 as it's not available
-Min f/w required is now set to 3.1.2 (not thoroughly tested in this version ATM though)
-UIKit now linked weakly so that the app can be used in prev. f/w

commit 31aafe919b7a1c2d7912794282d7df329fdc0f57
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 01:20:01 2010 -0400

-Removed keyboard button from iPhone's bottom toolbar, replaced it with Paste.
-Corrected cursor hotpoint issue with trackpad

commit 3ad7907ce3800331862e69f9b61e4058000be0f5
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 00:54:41 2010 -0400

-Removed tap-and-hold to right-click. Not needed anymore.
-Fixed cursor-off when using trackpad
-Don't allow Portrait upside down while in iPhone (goes against Apple's UI coding standards)
-Help View: Stop animation / free up memory when user dismisses the popover by tapping outside of it.

commit 8db46082f33b9c0281b799a9b2409d8ee1890593
Author: Raf <>
Date: Tue Oct 19 00:39:06 2010 -0400

Added credits screen to the Help View

commit 7a07678e94bd3b214c7a2a7cc0a2f2b1f0233e84
Author: Raf <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 01:11:34 2010 -0400

-Simplified toolbars for iphone (removed buttons/made them smaller) so they fit.
-Added a kb button on the top toolbar, so that the kb in iphone mode can be dismissed.
-committed helpviewcontroller files into revision control

commit 22c14f8122b55c0083647f66951ac4fe4d9c32ad
Author: Raf <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 00:33:30 2010 -0400

-Moved help into its own view controller/xib
-Help loaded as a subview for iphone/popover for iPad.

commit 25263674d07d03aa4933592318a41182432d7fc6
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sun Oct 17 23:36:36 2010 -0400

-Changed connection dialog sizes, and added arrow icons.
-Updated session list to use dark toolbar/navbar

commit a8fbc5d9bde6b3041f6c068c5f4a26b2dd16ee79
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sun Oct 17 23:23:36 2010 -0400

-Added code to not allow clicking outside of the connected framebuffer area.

commit 89882bba65c9e66365b0c8d50f66abd284218c1e
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sun Oct 17 22:01:37 2010 -0400

-When device orientation is not available yet (because the device is on a flat surface, or any other reason), fullscreen is not available, and a message requesting the user to reorient the device is shown.
-A timer is used to poll the system in case the orientation is not available, until it is.
All this is required because hiding the status bar for fullscreen mode requires full knowledge of the actual orientation of the device in order to set the frame origin and size correctly for all 4 orientation cases.

commit 7f0d0498ceaad13bb5f62bbb5c33e74bf3a9186e
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sun Oct 17 12:54:53 2010 -0400

On deviceOrientation = 5 (flat) use Portrait

commit 6bd3e0c5a0358983768968761c8f4aff8d5f0fe3
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sun Oct 17 09:51:32 2010 -0400

Session Editor now opened: in iPad in a popover. in iPhone via a subView.
More corrections for frame sizes. To remember: rootView height/width don't swap on rotation, only active view's. But rootView's grow/shrink correctly.
Added remoter detailed instruction documents to revision control.

commit d486e3d91bc390d2b63e7dd5d4074a7468f87e8d
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sat Oct 16 15:41:17 2010 -0400

-Converted wol code to obj-c
-Added checks in wol code to validate IP address.
-If invalid ip is used for wol, alert the user
-Session editor: more constraints on ip address input for wol

commit c31b7160527136565f107337e777c8fc83ca9600
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sat Oct 16 11:06:20 2010 -0400

Changes to hopefully finally correct all of the problems with frame sizes for different devices, during init, on rotation, when going full-screen, getting out of full-screen, etc.

commit 3dfc6239dfda608f1e4bcdbcf4a600d877ee1f78
Author: Raf <>
Date: Fri Oct 15 08:35:53 2010 -0400

-iOS status bar style: black/opaque
-initialize screen bounds on init.

commit b2498899ffa8b2f1b4c1c1168b8c103dcd84184f
Author: Raf <>
Date: Fri Oct 15 00:28:34 2010 -0400

-Added a 57x57 icon for iPhone along 72x72 icon for iPad/iPhone4
-Added better support for multitasking: when app is suspended, disconnect. Then reconnect when app becomes active again.

commit 7d6e2d034d2947cef13172fdbf338cafdc2a1ba1
Author: Raf <>
Date: Thu Oct 14 19:45:40 2010 -0400

-Fixed session delete (now checks to make sure thumbnail/screenshot files exist before attempting to delete)

commit 94b3aee9e0bf36ec356992584f8e0568a8cf84e6
Author: Raf <>
Date: Thu Oct 14 19:08:08 2010 -0400

Several updates to make the UI usable both on iPhone and iPad. (popover only used on iPad).
More fixes for the switch from splitview to regular view.
-A fix for when the iOS doesn't know the orientation. Now we default to Portrait in this case. Staying on Unknown was causing a series of issues, like the conn dialog
-Fixes on the session editor

commit 44976db06038a0dc58cb75c0aa1cb92ae6c540f1
Author: Raf <>
Date: Thu Oct 14 08:26:36 2010 -0400

Updates so popover is displayed from the bar button. And so it dismisses correctly.

commit 81f752ceb05fa3a06e40912b9a7ef18c537b89f0
Author: Raf <>
Date: Thu Oct 14 02:09:55 2010 -0400

Added popover for sessionList (and sessionList view controller), and various associated changes and cleanup.

commit 713e2a5e764221a4a32ac4484a7843cf27f46102
Author: Raf <>
Date: Tue Oct 12 00:29:32 2010 -0400

Getting rid of the splitview controller.
Work in progress
Overall Cleanup
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Re: Remoter VNC v1.6 coming out soon!

Postby raf » Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:45 am

The above changelog is not complete. A bunch more enhancements went in before 1.6 was submitted to Apple last week.
I'll post the details if anybody is interested. What's important now is that 1.6 should be coming out soon. Hopefully before iOS firmware 4.2 is out.
IF iOS 4.2 COMES OUT before Remoter 1.6. Be advised that Remoter 1.52 is not 100% compatible with 4.2; there are a lot of issues with it. Consider waiting for Remoter 1.6 to come out before updating to firmware 4.2 if possible.


Edit 11/12: Nevermind. Remoter v1.6 is out before 4.2. Be sure to update Remoter now.
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