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Remoter VNC v1.7 is OUT!

Postby raf » Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:53 pm

Remoter V1.7 Is Out Now! (Available here: ... 26098?mt=8)

What's New:
☆Added Remoter Configuration Screen
☆Added Full Screen Exit Button (can be disabled in configuration screen)
☆Added configuration option to disable full screen alerts
☆Increased session list height on iPad
☆Added rating request system
☆Added Keyboard and Virtual Trackpad buttons to the top toolbar on iPad
☆Updated icon art and enhanced for Retina Display
☆Added Control-Alt-Delete to iPhone
☆Enhancements to input system to make it more compatible with some VNC servers
☆Added multiple Special Keys toolbars system. Added more special keys: PageUp, PageDown, Home, End, F1..F12, Command, Windows, Control-Alt-Delete, Enter, etc.
☆Added 8bpp color depth mode
☆Added configurable color depth 8/16/32bpp
☆Added configurable input mode: Direct/US-Layout. US-Layout is needed for default Vine configuration, and older Screen Sharing versions
☆Added configuration for screen bouncing
☆Added configuration option for external keyboard detection system
☆Not closing connection anymore when Remoter is not active. Now only disconnecting, when session has request username/password enabled. Then requesting on restart
☆Fixed bug where Remoter would crash when request username/password was enabled and the app was inactive, then active
☆Not autocorrecting hostname in session editor anymore
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