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Remoter Pro 1.4.0 / 1.4.01

Postby raf » Tue Jul 30, 2013 6:38 pm

Remoter Pro 1.4.0 was briefly out Monday morning (07/29/2013).
This build that was submitted to apple had some strange issues, so we've pulled it from the App Store.
A new version 1.4.01 was submitted monday morning (11AM ESD), and is currently under review.
* 07/31/2013 @ 7:45PM EST: Version 1.4.01 has been approved and is now being propagated to the App Store (and on 50%-off sale!)

Remoter Pro 1.4.01
* New split “thumb-friendly” virtual trackpad mode
* New Mono font for SSH / Telnet: Deja Vu Sans Mono
* Requires iOS 5 or greater. ARC compliant modernized codebase
* Updated icon and artwork, No border in grid view, all screens look-and-feel
* Change default for "follow cursor" to NO. As this is a continued source of confusion for users.
* Adding refresh button to Grid's discovery list.
* Adding sensitivity option for mouse wheel scrolling
* RDP Clipboard Redirection, font smoothing support
* Updated VNC engine
* When selecting SSH key in session editor, added option to bring up SSH Key Manager from ssh key dropdown
* Color selection for SSH’s foreground / background
* Don't disconnect when RemoterFusion connection fails, simply reconnect the RF session.
* RemoterFusion clipboard synchronization
* Improved rendering performance
* Big enhancements (rewrite) of external keyboard handling. Including: Key repeat, Better international keyboard support, A lot better RDP support (non-unicode; direct)
* CloudSyncManager: Backup / Restore now also includes SSH Keys and Password Manager Entries.
* Adding support for RemoterFusion unicode keystrokes.
* Ask user if they want to enable requesting ssh username/password if these entries are left blank when saving the session.
* RemoterFusion Port can now be specified in Advanced settings. If enabled, then RF is used even if not a RF session.

Bug Fixes
* CloudSync backup fixes
* Fixed terminal sessions, pressing command+C in an external keyboard would cause the pasteboard to be pasted twice.
* Fixed non-terminal sessions, pressing command+C would paste both the remote pasteboard and also the local iOS pasteboard. Only the remote pasteboard is pasted now.
* For virtual keyboard: If unicode mode on, and RDP, then consider a direct connection regardless of the selected keyboard layout.
* Fixed blocking during startup if bonjour MAC address resolution is taking too long. Now handled in a different thread
* Don't go out-of fullscreen mode on remote buffer resolution changes
* Updated Italian localization strings by Gabriele (Gabus)
* Update to correct Remoter icon badge count
* Corrected issue where "Please click connect" would be displayed even if not in RF session. But if RF name or pin were set by the user.
* Corrected issues with multi monitor via RemoterFusion
* Fixed handing of Control+Shift[+another modifier]+key and Command+Shift+[another modifier]+key with external(bluetooth) keyboards.
* IP address discovery for Netbios fix.
* Improved RemoterFusion audio redirection performance
* Simplified, fixed iOS HUD. More notifications.
* Spanish localization message issues (%s instead of %@)
* New internal alert system
* Fix for terminal follow cursor so that the cursor is only followed if it actually changes coordinates.
* Fixed Macro save/rename. Also it continues to prompt the user if the macro already exists when creating one.
* Fixed some issues with reconnect
* External keyboard fixes
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