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Remoter VNC/Pro 3.8.5/1.2.5

Postby raf » Sat Dec 08, 2012 10:17 pm

Submitted to Apple 12/3
-12/8: Remoter VNC is out! (Remoter VNC, Pro still pending)
-12/9: Remoter Pro is now out as well!

What's New:
-Remoter VNC now includes a basic version of the Grid UI as the default selection interface. (The Grid UI IAP gives you sorting/server selection/category filtering) Switching UIs doesn't require a restart of Remoter anymore. When buying the Enhanced Grid UI in-app purchase, the changes are instant.
-Added support for email-type usernames in RDP (needed for windows 8 microsoft live accounts)
-Sorting of sessions now keeps connected machines at the top. Resorting is done on connecting and disconnecting.
-Enhanced RF in session editor, to force user to connect before changes can be saved.
-Added support for right-shift and right-command (external keyboard)
-Allow full screen buttons (when in 3 button mode) to remember their location.
-Fullscreen: exit, keyboard and trackpad buttons now inherit transparency from the remoter config transparency setting.
-Added "Session List" to full screen menu. (Also fixed scrolling of menu for iPhone in landscape mode)
-Added support for Cmd+C, Cmd+V in terminal sessions.
-Better error messages in SSH Key manager. Also removed requirement of always entering a passphrase when importing. The passphrase is now only requested if required.
-Updates to rename function of SSH keys: -If the key doesn't have a passphrase, the user is never asked for one. -Also, now after successful rename, all the sessions are updated to the new key name.
-Spanish Localization updated
-German updates by bastelino, alexschomb

Bug Fixes:
-Fix problem with terminal session buffer size on rotation. (on retina display)
-Static analyzer based cleanup
-Fixes for baddge count issue
-Fix issue where after double-clicking on the trackpad, the following click would be considered a double-click.
-Fixes for UI issues as described in trac ticket 529
-When going to session list from a fullscreen session, temporarily switch out of fullscreen. When going into a session from the session list. If the session was in fullscreen mode, then enable fullscreen mode again before switching.
-Fix search filtering not displaying "Discovery +" icon correctly. (iOS)
-Fixed case where if the wrong resolution is used (Native in iOS for example -- which can be done if restoring from dropbox), RDP(Remoter) would crash.
-Fix bug in session editor that would cause issues with remoter fusion connection.
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