Remoter VNC 4.0.0 / 4.0.01 (And Pro 1.4.03)

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Remoter VNC 4.0.0 / 4.0.01 (And Pro 1.4.03)

Postby raf » Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:36 pm

Known issues:

Update 08/22/13: The listed known issues, along with a series of others have been fixed, and submitted to Apple for review (as Remoter VNC 4.0.01 and Pro 1.4.03)
Update 08/26/13: Apple's status for Remoter VNC 4.0.01 and Pro 1.4.03 changed to "In Review"

What's New:
● Sideways (thumb-friendly) virtual trackpad (now the default on new installations)
● CloudSync: Allow import of backups were two items have the same name (or share the same name as an existing session), as long as the serverType is different. Backup / Restore SSH Keys as well. now also back ups and restores password manager entries. (Will not overwrite existing entries on restore).
● SSH/Telnet: Added Deja Vu Sans Mono font. (Suggested by user Bruce). Default SSH/Telnet font size for iPhone=9 (instead of 14, which is still default for iPad/Mac). Setting color for BG/FG/Cursor. Change default for "follow cursor" to NO. As this is a continued source of confusion for users. Ask user if they want to enable requesting ssh username/password if these entries are left blank when saving the session.
● RDP: Added font smoothing support / session editor option. Enhanced keyboard handling.
● VNC: Updated engine. Greatly enhanced rendering of sub-regions so that the native buffer is used, instead of a local copy.
● RemoterFusion: Port can now be specified in Advanced settings. If enabled, then RF is used even if not a RF session!
● Machine Discovery: Adding refresh button to Grid's discovery list. Change the "+" button to a back arrow when in the discovery list. This helps indicate the user that this button will bring them back to the previous screen. machineDiscoveryOnInit setting -> machineDiscoveryFrequency: Now this setting can be set to rescan every 0(off), 30s, 1m, 5m. This is needed to keep the hosts up-to-date.
● New options: sensitivity option for mouse wheel scrolling. Added "Unassigned" special category. If selected, all sessions without a category are displayed. Added support for multiple heartbeat frequencies.
● Updated Italian localization strings by Gabriele Michieli
● iOS6 External Keyboard Support: Big enhancements (rewrite) of external keyboard handling for iOS. Including: -Key repeat -Better international keyboard support -A lot better RDP support (non-unicode; direct) -etc
● Anonymous Crash reporting thanks to Crashlytics
● New enhanced alert system
● Updated iOS Dropbox SDK to v1.3.5

Bug Fixes:
● Multiple crash fixes
● External Keyboard Handling Fixes: In terminal sessions, pressing command+C in an external keyboard would cause the pasteboard to be pasted twice. In non-terminal sessions, pressing command+C would paste both the remote pasteboard and also the local pasteboard. Only the remote pasteboard is pasted now. Fixed handing of Multiple-modifier-keys+key with external(bluetooth) keyboards. (Thanks to José for his help)
● Machine Discovery: Fixed Netbios/Bonjour slowdowns.
● Don't go out-of fullscreen mode on remote buffer resolution changes
● Also corrected a bug in Session editor that would prevent the editor from coming up (exception) if the MAC field was nil.
● Update to correct Remoter icon badge count issues
● Corrected issue where "Please click connect" would be displayed even if not in RF session. But if RF name or pin were set by the user.
● RDP: Updates to pasteboard(clipboard) sync: All pasteboard operations performed in the main thread now.
● Fix for terminal sessions in retina display
● Fixes for multi-monitor support over RemoterFusion
● Improved RemoterFusion audio
● Now rectangle, and multi-monitor should work again.
● Simplified, fixed HUD. Notify when switching monitors as well
● Fixed issues when deleting items (SSHKeyManager, PasswordManager)
● Fix for terminal follow cursor so that the cursor is only followed if it actually changes coordinates.
● Fixed Macro save/rename. Also it continues to prompt the user if the macro already exists when creating one.
● Fixed some issues with reconnect: including potential crashes
● Terminal: Fixed multiple potential crashing scenarios
● VNC pasteboard crash fix. (from crashlytics)
● Try to keep VNCWrapper around for cases where even after a disconnection, the actual vnc library stays alive in the background for a bit. Make sure frame buffer is rendered before freeing frame buffer memory. (VNC and RDP)
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Re: Remoter VNC 4.0.0 / 4.0.01 (And Pro 1.4.03)

Postby weselj » Wed May 28, 2014 9:56 pm

How is key repeat enabled?
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