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New Beta

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:33 pm
by raf
PLEASE NOTE: This is intended for legitimate users of Remoter for Mac (App Store: From us: only! Thanks.

Open Beta of Remoter for Mac: Sign up here: ... 03aa2d8561 (not required, but it helps me)

Get the latest here: ... 73cd073983

1.4.104: (2013-05-30) ... 856bbf58a6

1.4.103: (2013-05-15) ... 1cdb626748

1.4.102: (2013-05-13) ... 73cd073983

1.4.101: (2013-05-10) ... 73cd073983

1.4.100: (2013-05-08) ... 73cd073983
(Please ignore the provisioning profile thing)

1.3.9: (2013-03-06)
-Corrected threading issue that had the potential to cause crashes (Thread safety update for all protocols. This should fix crashing issues.)

1.3.8: (2013-03-05)
-RDP Updates!:
--Added full clipboard sync support
--Added local printer redirection support
--Added home directory file sharing support
--Check session editor - advanced to enable / disable these features

1.3.7C: (2/22/2013) - Same as 1.2.5 (retail / appstore (in review))
-Fixed a bug that was causing the legacy renderer to be used in Mountain Lion. (Thanks to Alex for helping track this down!)

1.3.7: (2/21/2013) New Beta (last one of the cycle): Download link:
-Mac: Now that menus are generated at run time, the window menu wasn't getting populated correctly with the active sessions. Added this missing function.
-Mac: Greatly enhanced scroll wheel processing.
-Considers momentum based devices (magic mouse / trackpad) and normal scroll wheel devices different, and applies different transformations.
-Scrolling is now accumulated rather than passed. As Mac scroll events are pixel based, and VNC wants lines.
-Fixed potential crash issue (Crash reported by Marc)

1.3.6: (1/29/2013) New Beta: Download link
-Fixed issue when saving screenshot and using legacy rendering.
-Adding sensitivity option for mouse wheel scrolling. Completed mouse scroll sensitivity selection. Added to config screen (under keyboard for now).
-Updated Italian localization strings by Gabriele (Gabus) (Added Gabriele Michieli to credits (gabus) - italian translation help)
-Fixed Netbios/Bonjour slowdowns
-Fixed issue in zoom 1:1 were the resolution was getting retrieved from a state variable that might not always contain it.
-Don't go out-of fullscreen mode on remote buffer resolution changes (iOS also)
-Mac: Smart Cmd+Q: If no sessions active, simply quit. If sessions active, ask.
-Mac: Fixed problem during connection when restoring incomplete session state, where the resolution field is not set. (Not restoring).
-Fixed blocking during startup if bonjour MAC address resolution is taking too long. Now handled in a different thread.
-Mac: Don't show options to go fullscreen while fullscreen.
Also added "Fill Screen" option and "1:1" now natively done, and animated.
(Still doesn't support 1:1 for frame buffers bigger than local resolution)
-If unicode mode on, and RDP, then consider a direct connection regardless of the selected keyboard layout.
-Mac: Categories Manager, CloudSync Manager: Fix so that localized strings are correctly applied to title and buttons.
-Adding refresh button to Grid's discovery list.

1.3.5B: (12/10/2012) New Beta: Download link (12/11/12, updated to B)
-(B)CloudSync Fix: Allow import of backups were two items have the same name (or share the same name as an existing session), as long as the serverType is different.
-Fixed problem where if the session state resolution was not stored correctly, then the screen would not appear on connection, until the connection actually established.
-CloudSync: Fix restore issue where if two sessions had the same name, but different categories, only one of the would be restored.
-Updates to NetBios to hopefully detect more machines (more retries), reverse-dns for hostname.
-Fix erroneous alert display for RF and both password and username request.
-Now username can be entered for RF sessions.
-Now username request can be entered for RF sessions
-RDP: if pw is empty and nla is used, and connection fails, this is because windows rejects blank passwords for NLA. Call it an auth error. (Instead of a simple disconnection).
-Corrected potential issue with RDP connection time that could cause a reconnect loop on connection failure after a successful connection to the same session.
-Fixed 021French_Alt.rkl filename (filename had strange characters at the end, preventing it from being included)
-German localization updates by alexschomb - thank you!
-Spanish localization 100%
-Enhanced RF in session editor, to force user to connect before changes can be saved.

1.3.4B: Just updated 1.3.4 to 1.3.4B- same download link (re-download if you already downloaded 1.3.4) **(almost) Same as submitted/updated 1.2.4**
-Updated German strings -thanks bastelino!
-Added some more logging for rendering engine selection

1.3.4: (12/02/2012) New Beta: Download link
What's New:
-Localization Updates
-Added support for email-type usernames in RDP (needed for windows 8 microsoft live accounts)
-Sorting of sessions now keeps connected machines at the top. Resorting is done on connecting and disconnecting.
-Mac: Added support for Left/Right shift and Left/Right command (along with existing support for Left/Right Alt)
-Added support for Cmd+C, Cmd+V in terminal sessions.

Bug Fixes:
-Static analyzer based cleanup.
-Mac: Corrected issues with RetinaDisplay Macs and Native/Native Fullscreen RDP connections.
-Fix SSHKeyAuthFile comparison so it takes into consideration that it can be nil.

1.3.3B: (11/22/2012) Update: Download link
What's New:
-Fixed main menus

1.3.3: (11/20/2012) New Beta: Download link
What's New:
-Mac: Different main menus for Remoter main screen and session windows.
-Mac: Updated so that Remoter menu items are(and/or can be) localized.
-Mac: Added option to the Session Menu, to "Save Screenshot" to a user specified location. (Using jpg at 80%)
-Better error messages in SSH Key manager. Also removed requirement of always entering a passphrase when importing. The passphrase is now only requested if required.
-Also, for Mac, now a dialog is presented to select the private key for importing.
-Updates to rename function of SSH keys:
-If the key doesn't have a passphrase, the user is never asked for one.
-Also, now after successful rename, all the sessions are updated to the new key name.
-Mac: Added delete all sessions to cloud sync manager
-Also, ask user before unlinking
-Macros: Asked to name when done recording (saving).

Bug Fixes:
-Fix bug in session editor that would cause issues with remoter fusion connection.
-Mac: Use legacy renderer if:
-MacBook Air from 2011 (MacBookAir,4)
-Lion is being used (not SL or ML)
-The session is 16BPP
(This case has a weird glitch that causes the new renderer not to work)
-Small change in VNC input processing to prevent potential crash.

1.3.2: (10/29/2012) New Beta: Download link
What's New:
-Grid (Main Screen) updated for Snow Leopard to match features of Lion+ version

1.3.1: (10/25/2012) New Beta: Download link
What's new:
-Fixed Discovert List for Snow Leopard
-Added Pre-Lion Full Screen Mode
-Alt support for terminal sessions (right-alt)
-Fixed problem where keys stop responding in terminal sessions
-Fix terminal when using control key (ctrl+c wasn't working)
-Fixed problem in Bonjour: MAC address resolution memory bug that could cause lockups / crashes. Also now enabled this for Mac version of Remoter.
-For App Store version of Remoter, added message to help import ssh keys. Also no more defaults in alert text boxes.

1.1.8C: (09/26/2012) New Beta: Download link
What's new since 1.1.7A:
(From 1.1.7A - Released 1.2.1):
-Display "click here to add first session" message if no sessions are defined
(From 1.2.1 - Beta 1.1.8C):
- Mac: Added Remoter Config option to hide the menubar completely when in fullscreen mode.
- Updated some german and spanish strings
- Fix some problems in CloudSync manager, better error messages and error handling
- Added scroller bar for terminal sessions (ssh, telnet)
- Enabled ssh tcp keep alive and ping interval for over-ssh connections, to keep the tunnel active.
- For Mac's terminal sessions, use direct keyboard mapping, so that international keyboards work correctly
- Fix: Display initial "using remoter fusion" checkbox state correctly.
- Switch location of "using remoter fusion" checkbox and session type drop down. The session type should go on the left.

1.1.7A: (09/10/2012) New Beta: Download link
What's new since 1.1.6A
-Added support for Windows keyboards:
-PrintScreen key
-ScrollLock key
-Pause/Break key
-Insert key
(to RDP Keyboard mode: Direct (in Remoter Config))
-AutoReconnect now requires connection to have been up for at least 30 seconds. This prevents quick-reconnect-loop.
-Fix for cases where RDP connection was not being closed correctly
-New Retina icon and icon set files for Mac Remoter (New blue icon is consistent with Remoter Pro's for iOS)
-Also fixed DropBoxOSX framework links

1.1.6A: (09/04/2012) New Beta: Download link (Last one of the cycle - this one is being promoted as v1.2.0)
What's new since 1.1.5A
-Don't display licensing messages for beta
-If restore session is not set, then when user closes a window, ask if they want to disconnect only.
-Corrected one case where saving screenshot even if user set to not save.
-Corrected one case where a non-retained image ref was being called via a dispatch loop, potentially causing crashes
-Updated Italian localization files by Daniel A.

1.1.5A: (09/02/2012) New Beta: Download link
What's new since 1.1.4A
-New RDP keyboard input mode for Mac, new default (Setting in Remoter config). Also replaces unicode setting in Session editor.
-Fixed cancel on connect not resetting everything correctly.
-Fixed grid width to account for potential "always visible" vertical scrollbar.
-Updated a German string. Thanks alexschomb.

1.1.4A: (09/01/2012) New Beta: Download link
What's New since 1.1.3A
-New art for new sessions, and more retina art updates
-Sort categories alphabetically in drop downs & in category manager
-Use actual menu separator line instead of an empty entry (Mac)
-Some fixes to session manager mac:
-try to reduce animations when not needed
-reset to fist tab on using RF, changing server type
-always add ':' at the end of labels
-increase checkbox label to fit german strings
-Fixed problem with password encryption for UTF8 international characters
-Updated some German localization strings, thanks to alexschomb
-Norwegian localization updates by Jakob Englund
-Spanish localization updates.
-Disable implicit animations of the layer on content change. This prevents changes to the layer on rendering from causing unwanted fading in/out animations.

1.1.3A: (08/31/2012) New Beta: Download link
What's New Since 1.1.2B:
-New rendering engine
-Updated German localization: thanks alexschomb
-Small ui update to make sure German strings fit
-Updates to screen restoration to take into account: number of monitors, screen resolution, special RDP resolutions

1.1.2B: (08/29/2012) New Beta: Download link (UPDATED FROM 1.1.2A)
Since 1.1.2A
-Fix compilation issue causing crashes when connecting to Macs via VNC
-Fixed screen restoration for RDP sessions
What's new since 1.1.0A:
-Support for Retina Display for session windows.
-Config option to autodetect/force/disable retina mode
-Window frame and origin stored. Needs "Session - General Advanced Settings - Restore State" enabled.
-Display screenshot while connecting to session. New screenshots now have native resolution (not scaled).
-RDP fixes: corrects bugs when closing/opening multiple connections to the same machine
-Added option to enable VNC hw acceleration hooks
-Fix for Grid netbios server add: not defaulting to telnet anymore
-Fix problems in Remoter config and Session editor, where checkbox labels where trimming the last character in some cases
-Updated spanish localization

1.1.0A: (08/27/2012) NEW BETA: Download link
What's new since 1.0.9A:
-Display progress indicator for Mac (cloud sync manager)
-Multiple updates to session editor. Now tab based.
-Fixed fullscreen session restoration (Mac)
-Added option for command+q pass-through.
-Option to disable system keys pass through.
-Use popover button instead of combo box in remoter config (mac)
-Showing checkbox labels to the right in Mac Remoter config.
-Compare session editor conn config item, and only display save alert if user made changes when closing the session editor.
-Updated to compare remoter config elements. Don't prompt to save if no changes made.
-Mac Grid: Moved category selection button to the right of the type selector. Also made it wider, and replaced the "all" title.
-Fixed session editor / categories manager, so that new categories are shown and selected when created, and categories manager can handle deletions (from session editor) gracefully.
-Updates to grid artwork, mainly for retina purposes.
-Fixed retina display detection on Mac.
-Adding some more retina-level artwork.
-Updates throughout the code to make it retina friendly for mac.
-Fix to prevent grid from reverting from discovery list to regular list on connect.
-Added tooltips to all RF elements.
-Switch out of "adding new session" grid mode when saving a new session.
-New artwork for discovery netbios/bonjour.
-Not displaying "Add Bonjour"
-Updates to artwork for frames and add-new-session.
-Center: "Add New Session" and "NetBios" labels.
-For Lion/greater. Menu item "Add New Session" brings up session editor directly (not discovery list).
-Added support for sandboxing in Remoter for Mac.
-All config files are moved to sandbox environment on installation.
-Using UUID for windowNames to prevent collisions.
-Fix issue causing quick close of session to be started after canceling previous connection

1.0.9A: (08/23/2012) NEW BETA! Download link
What's new (since Remoter 1.0.8):
-New CloundSync Manager (use dropbox to save/restore your sessions)
-New Categories Manager
-Native (Mac) Session Editor (wip)
-Native (Mac) Remoter Config (Preferences)
-New system for adding new sessions. (including quick start of discovered machines)
-Windows 8 Release Candidate RDP compatibility
-Updated RDP and VNC engines
-Performance enhancements (some HW accel) for VNC and Terminal sessions

-Prompt user when switching auto screenshots off if they want to delete the current screenshots.
-Implemented instant disconnect (no more waiting for stuck disconnects)
-Fixed SSH screen disappear-and-then-reappear on connect
-Pass-through system shortcuts while connected. Such as cmd+tab, cmd+space.
-For RDP native fullscreen, on Mac: switch to fullscreen on connect
-Updated for HIDPI (retina) on Mac -- artwork (wip)
-Pass Cmd+Q through to server. If in main Remoter screen, and user presses Cmd+Q, ask if they want to quit.
-Allow right-clicking on thumbnail.
-Allow right-clicking on config button
-Present context menu at mouse location.
-Added Norwegian translation by Jakob Englund
-German/Italian/Spanish localization updates

1.0.7F: (05/19/2012) Download link
ATTENTION: Versions since 1.0.7C modify configuration file formats, and once you run this version, you can't go back to the standard version of Remoter, or another older betas, unless you remove the configuration files (~/Library/Application Support/Remoter/sessions.plist and ~/Library/Application Support/Remoter/.config/remoterconfig.plist) -- you can also back these files up before running this version, and then restore to them afterwards!
-Corrected issue where left alt / right alt keys could get stuck

1.0.7E: (05/15/2012) Download link
ATTENTION: This version modifies configuration file formats, and once you run this version, you can't go back to the standard version of Remoter, or another older betas, unless you remove the configuration files (~/Library/Application Support/Remoter/sessions.plist and ~/Library/Application Support/Remoter/.config/remoterconfig.plist) -- you can also back these files up before running this version, and then restore to them afterwards!
Changes since 1.0.7C:
-Corrected a big issue in one of the dependent libraries. This fixes several crash cases
-Correctly differentiate between left and right alt keys. Perform some work-arounds for RDP unicode + right-alt key

1.0.7C: (05/13/2012 - Happy Mother's Day!) Download link:
ATTENTION: This version modifies configuration file formats, and once you run this version, you can't go back to the standard version of Remoter, or another older betas, unless you remove the configuration files (~/Library/Application Support/Remoter/sessions.plist and ~/Library/Application Support/Remoter/.config/remoterconfig.plist) -- you can also back these files up before running this version, and then restore to them afterwards!
Changes since 1.0.7B:
-Fixed "Control+Click" for RDP, which broke in 1.0.7.
-Added support for middle mouse button
-Fix for putty windows not rendering correctly in RDP (disable glyph cache)
-Fix for windows not getting activated correctly when clicking on them.
-Fixed crash on Full Screen disconnect
-Display alert if encryption mode is invalid.
-Updates to password encryption system. More secure now. Some cleanup. -- makes config files not backwards compatible
-If categories are not defined, notify user if they try to use the category button.
-Updated Macros Manager to native Mac.
-SSH Key Manager is now a native Mac window.
-Added + button to Mac version of Password Manager. Changed the look of the UI a bit as well.

1.0.7B: (05/08/2012) Download link:
Changes since 1.0.7:
-New Feature: Password Manager
-Added category selection as a separate button (most users didn't even know about it)
-Re-organized some of the RDP resolutions so that the most populars are shown first.
-RDP, In Session Editor: Added option to enter custom RDP resolutions.
-Fixes for keyboard layout on VNC
-Fix for NLA error presented erroneously some times
-If user presses cancel during connection, the window is now closed

1.0.6D: (04/24/2012) Download link:
Changes since 1.0.6C:
-Corrections to mouse tracking
-Corrections to keyboard handling of special keys
-Better handling of cases when multiple attached alerts need to be displayed
-RDP: corrected issue where NLA was always required

1.0.6C: (04/23/2012) Download link:
Changes since 1.0.6A/B:
-Separate/independent handling of left and right Alt keys
-Some tweaks to mouse handling

1.0.6A: (04/22/2012) Download link:
-Lots of updates. Will list tomorrow.

1.0.2B: (01/30/2012) Download link:
-Big RDP library update. Please test Windows 2003 / Windows 2008 versions that were causing crashes before. Please report findings.
-RDP library update still work in progress. But do report issues.

Version 1.0.2 has been released (App Store processing, will be out any minute...)! Please update ( (Note: 1.0.2 is the same as 1.0.1D, version 1.0.1D will stop working in a couple of days, please update to 1.0.2 now)
Report issues here:

1.0.1D: (01/25/2012) Download link:
-Fixed some issues with cursor visibility in Lion. (Cursor never hidden in SL)
-Fixed Issue preventing Remoter from working correctly in Snow Leopard (Fixed MAZeroingWeakRef library so it works with nil targets in Snow Leopard)
-Small updates to Italian and Spanish localization

Version 1.0.1 has been released! Please update ( (Note: 1.0.1 is the same as 1.0.0H).
Report issues here:

1.0.0H: (01/19/2012)
Version 1.0.0G was submitted to Apple on Dec 29th. Still waiting for approval (01/19th). Decided to re-submit in case it got stuck in limbo.
Re-submitting using version 1.0.0H, which includes the following updates over 1.0.0G:
-Enabled Rater
-Misc fixes
-Localization updates to German, Italian and Spanish
-Added support for URL schemes (
-Added support for user@domain username format for RDP
-Using zeroing weak references to break some retain loops. This helps free up memory when closing sessions.
-Optimized messaging (rendering) using GCD.
-Fixed case where cursor would stay hidden on disconnect
-Fixed an outstanding RDP crash on connection broken disconnect
-Added category selection to Snow Leopard version
-Don't display category selector now if no categories are defined

1.0.0G: (updated at 2AM est 12/29/2011)
-Fixed Control+Alt+Delete (Send menu)
-Added option to disable bitmap cache for RDP (required for some servers like Win 2003)
-Fixed some -over-SSH crashes
-Fix for SL not working on prev betas
-other minor updates

-Fix crash caused by base64 library
-Categories can be selected from main screen by tapping on "All" (Lion only)
-Terminal session window size adjustments
-Cursor management: local cursor is hidden when entering remote session window, and remote cursor is shown
-Added Finnish keyboard layout (Thanks to user Juha Julku)
-Added multi-monitor support (requires RemoterFusion)
-Fixed problem caused when user double-clicked on a session inste

Re: New Beta

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:43 pm
by raf
Beta 1.0.0H is out. Please test, and report problems!!

Thank you!,

Re: New Beta

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:20 pm
by raf
Beta 1.0.1C is out! Please let me know if you find any issues! Thanks!
(1.0.1B had an outstanding issue)

Re: New Beta

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:34 pm
by raf
Beta 1.0.1D is out. This corrects issues reported by skipbarker.

Re: New Beta

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:37 pm
by raf
Update: 1:35PM EST: Sorry for the delay. 1.0.1D is now ready for download.

Re: New Beta

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:16 am
by raf
New beta: 1.0.2B. This beta includes updates to RDP. Report issues here.

Re: New Beta

PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:06 am
by raf
New Beta: 1.0.6A. See first post for details.

Re: New Beta

PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2012 9:35 pm
by raf
New Beta: 1.0.7B: (05/08/2012) Download link:

Re: New Beta

PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2012 10:30 pm
by raf
New beta (1.0.7C)

Re: New Beta

PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2012 2:35 am
by raf
Beta 1.0.7D is out