Remembering window positions

Remembering window positions

Postby maclemming » Thu May 16, 2013 1:11 pm

I would like to request to allow Remoter to remember the last window position for VNC sessions.
There are 2 scenarios that I would like to have changed:

1. I connect to a VNC over SSH session. The VNC window is sized to take up the full screen space on my monitor. When the window opens, the top-left corner of the session window is in the exact middle of the monitor meaning that 75% of the remote window is off-screen. I have to drag the window or click the green + to make it move to the right place. This only happens with the VNC session. An RDP session will always make the session window take up the whole screen.
2. I also connect via VNC to an ESX server to see the console sessions of my VMs. I frequently have to reboot the VMs for my testing, and each time they reboot, the console changes the screen resolution. Remoter now automatically resizes the window based on the resolution (I love this new behavior) and every time the resolution changes, the session window jumps to a seemingly random place on my screen. Each time it happens, I move the window back to where I had it, only to have the window jump around again the next time the resolution changes. I would request to have all remoter windows remember their last screen position (based on the top-left corner) and always re-open at that position, and keep the top-left position when the resolution changes size. This behavior would also fix my first issue.
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