Still Slow

Still Slow

Postby Adester » Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:45 am

Hi Raf,

I've just come back again to try remoter to see if it can replace the Microsoft RDP client as my day-to-day client and I still have issues with performance.

I'm using RDP over ssh.

With the microsoft client, I establish an SSL tunnel using openssl and then connect on "localhost" to this which goes through to the other end.

With remoter I obviously set up the connection as RDP over SSH.

The Microsoft client is considerably faster at redrawing than remoter, I've just tried the same experiment in each client which was to open QtCreator full screen and then keep clicking on it in the task bar so that it minimises and has to redraw the windows behind it + desktop.

Visually remoter looks to be maybe 4 times slower than the Microsoft RDP client, but this lines up with my overall feeling when using remoter is that it just seems a lot more laggy than the Microsoft client, I notice this because I do a lot of scrolling about code in QtCreator and it's painfully obvious when using remoter but I don't notice any lag when using the Microsoft client.

Any chance you can try the same experiment? I'm connecing to a Windows XP (SP2) machine. I'd love to ditch the Microsoft RDP client because remoter would make my life easier (and it supports native fullscreen and you've added my suggestion of hiding the menu bar)....soooooo very close now. This is all in 16 bit colour mode, no SSH compression.

Also in 16 bit mode, crossworks still appears in the wrong colours. I know you said that it works fine in 32 bit mode, but if it works properly in 16 bit on the Microsoft client it should really work correctly in remoter....


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