Remoter for Mac 1.0.4

Remoter for Mac 1.0.4

Postby raf » Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:34 pm

Version 1.0.4 of Remoter for Mac has been submitted to the App Store today. It now needs to go through Apple's approval process, and it should be out later this week (or early next week).
If you bought Remoter for Mac directly from Remoter Labs (, then simply update from within the App to get the new version.

What's new since 1.0.3:

commit c2dde66bec0452cb2dd8da08187134498ec53a99
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 14:29:53 2012 -0500

Small updates to Mac on close notification.

commit 4dfb1d8b19a4bf539dfecba6c5d002dfa4d2a411
Author: Raf <>
Date: Fri Mar 2 22:20:51 2012 -0500

For Mac release 1.0.4: Help invokes webpage for support.
Other small updates.

commit 18fdde1c0fc592a3052f30136f7f25479e783fec
Author: Raf <>
Date: Thu Mar 1 22:29:46 2012 -0500

Static analyzer fixes

commit c69bc36035983165a13e601d2cb92d83d989d62a
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Feb 29 09:20:40 2012 -0500

Fix to RDP library connection error logging, to prevent RDP over SSH from getting terminated prematurely.

commit 1dc7b33794f2fddb727f750c9a93ac8427ae73e8
Author: Raf <>
Date: Tue Feb 28 23:51:09 2012 -0500

Fixes for -overSSH and remoter fusion connections (to allow multiple connections to work)

commit e1c240e532e7a203cddb8bc88abee079ef5a4045
Author: Raf <>
Date: Thu Feb 23 21:54:09 2012 -0500

Mac: Updates: Close window when closing immediately, even if disconnecting.
Also, fixes so that all sessions can be brought back up when clicking on the thumbnail if running.

commit 4fb3d9b420cb137f83ab4c244c59d57f11207e96
Author: Raf <>
Date: Tue Feb 21 23:30:25 2012 -0500

Don't do App iRater for non-app store versions of Remoter

commit d7ad439c5abc1fe0bc5d57b57c71e429eefa6168
Author: Raf <>
Date: Tue Feb 21 23:17:02 2012 -0500

Set cursor instantly when necessary (on connection is most evident)
Correct color issue for 32bpp cursors

commit 8346693bd644a228ba1bc1f8ab393ae92c267678
Author: Raf <>
Date: Tue Feb 21 23:11:23 2012 -0500

Mac: Cleanup now that cursors don't need to be hidden/shown.

commit 3516c37d22a575e4a9257cba1753fdd8d8c47457
Author: Raf <>
Date: Tue Feb 21 23:07:21 2012 -0500

Mac: Update actual cursor instead of using a "sprite" cursor.
(mouse arrow)

commit 27657ee58420dbb2c68fd402cd5569181b0f6942
Author: Raf <>
Date: Tue Feb 21 21:12:08 2012 -0500

Corrected problem with 16BPP cursors (mouse arrow) not rendering correctly when defined as 16BPP.

commit 0ec093c473d299176302117989c9d725a277736c
Author: raf <>
Date: Sat Feb 18 20:47:16 2012 -0500

Updated French-Canadian mapping file by Stéphane Cohou

commit bfa3024e5c43d86f466fc376ab51e03e722bd791
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sat Feb 18 09:47:47 2012 -0500

Added French-Canadian keyboard mapping from Stéphane Cohou.
Updated Help (About)

commit 25f9ff0db88b819ef60f78e2d749660f57f59080
Author: Raf <>
Date: Thu Feb 16 23:01:21 2012 -0500

Fixed problem in URL handling that caused the domain to be incorrectly added to the username without the separating '\'

commit 45af922a38ba1d2abddf8eaf7242e0160d407265
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Feb 15 17:30:24 2012 -0500

German and Italian localization updates.

commit 6480ecacecdd9968bcdf01a6eefa1bcf499ae3a8
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Feb 15 10:01:07 2012 -0500

Spanish localization updates.

commit 904bc7bdc766b3162ecd649d194255ddc21d7282
Author: Raf <>
Date: Mon Feb 13 00:43:59 2012 -0500

Added support for RDP cursor shape (remote mouse pointer).

commit dbd2074887402bcf31cf5e81ab9cd38b06afdacb
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sun Feb 12 16:34:48 2012 -0500

Added Raw telnet mode. Needs more testing.

commit 791bcf622886b5c229dc32048ecc3fb17af59e26
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sun Feb 12 00:03:04 2012 -0500

Fixed problem where "Canceling…" alert would not go away. Now, if the cancel button is pressed, then the alert goes away if it's already displaying "canceling"

commit 6cb3d0071fa3a4efbe6cd1c82362fc83a7ccd981
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sat Feb 11 22:06:30 2012 -0500

Added option to specify if SSH uses Control-H or Control-? as backspace character. Default is now Control-?: this doesn't conflict with emacs.

commit 939e00760a180bcbbecf8b554f1d579e68080f7e
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sat Feb 11 00:05:07 2012 -0500

Updates for updated RDP.

commit a4e07e200e20cea79d1c4e58f23b61e72f6dc878
Author: Raf <>
Date: Fri Feb 10 01:43:26 2012 -0500

Command key mapped as Windows key for OSs not Mac. This makes more sense than using Alt.
Both for Mac version, and for iOS w/external KB.

commit a3f54fd3348085073d13185328dc83d682a35d81
Author: Raf <>
Date: Wed Feb 8 09:34:04 2012 -0500

Updated help message for visual click feedback in Remoter Config so that it doesn't mention tapping the screen for the Mac: it doesn't apply!

commit f9bdde7b46307ec1edc84ff703731a0a08eba817
Author: Raf <>
Date: Tue Feb 7 16:28:18 2012 -0500

Display registration info (name, email) in help (when applicable).

commit ffa5749aa122fae471de79cb607ea86535ddd2b9
Author: Raf <>
Date: Sun Feb 5 12:34:44 2012 -0500

Updates to RDP library

What's New since 1.0.2:

-RDP module updates to add support for more RDP variations: Windows 2003 and 2008, etc.
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