Remoter for Mac 1.0.1

Remoter for Mac 1.0.1

Postby raf » Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:21 pm

Remoter for Mac version 1.0.1 has been approved, and will be in the App Store momentarily!

What's New:
-Localization updates to German, Italian and Spanish
-Added support for URL schemes (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=507&sid=57474a389f294771086-
-Added support for user@domain username format for RDP
-Using zeroing weak references to break some retain loops. This helps free up memory when closing sessions.
-Optimized messaging (rendering) using Grand Central Dispatch technology
-Fixed an outstanding RDP crash on connection broken disconnect
-Categories can be selected from main screen by tapping on "All"
-Fixed Control+Alt+Delete (Send menu)
-Added option to disable bitmap cache for RDP (required for some servers like Win 2003)
-Fixed some -over-SSH crashes
-Fix crash caused by base64 library
-Terminal session window size adjustments
-Cursor management: local cursor is hidden when entering remote session window, and remote cursor is shown
-Added Finnish keyboard layout (Thanks to user Juha Julku)
-Added multi-monitor support (requires RemoterFusion)
-Fixed problem caused when user double-clicked on a session instead of single-clicking
-Disabled Lion snapshot restoration
-Screen resizing updates so that top-left corner doesn't change: more natural
-Updates to main menu in Lion: sort - selected option is now marked
-Fixed offset in RDP when using Native or Native Full-Screen modes (border in top and right)
-Windows are now minimizable (miniaturizable)
-Added 1280x800 resolution to RDP
-Fixed crash caused by chameleon library
-New main menu screen for Lion (using NSView instead of chameleon), Chameleon-based for Snow Leopard
-Added new 16BPP-B color mode for RDP
-RDP: if server doesn't support 32bpp, notify user (win2008)
-NetBIOS updates to prevent a potential crash situation
-More terminal updates: more putty thread safe modifications: random pool (fixes some crashes when multiple terminal sessions are run simultaneously)
-NetBIOS now enabled
-Enabled Rater
-Misc fixes
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