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Remoter For Mac 1.2.4

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:17 pm
by raf
Submitted to Apple (on Monday 12/3/12) - Retail version ( available today (12/6/12)
12/13/12: App Store version is out now.

1.2.4 (12/06/2012) - Same as App Store version 1.2.4 (not available in appstore yet as of writing)
What's new since 1.2.2:
-Fixed Discovery List for Snow Leopard
-Added Pre-Lion Full Screen Mode (FullScreen (Carbon))
-Alt support for terminal sessions (right-alt)
-Fixed problem where keys stop responding in terminal sessions
-Fix terminal when using control key (ctrl+c wasn't working)
-Fixed problem in Bonjour: MAC address resolution memory bug that could cause lockups / crashes. Also now enabled this for Mac version of Remoter.
-Grid (Main Screen) updated for Snow Leopard to match features of Lion+ version
-Different main menus for Remoter main screen and session windows.
-Updated so that Remoter menu items are localized.
-Added option to the Session Menu, to "Save Screenshot" to a user specified location. (Using jpg at 80%)
-Better error messages in SSH Key manager. Also removed requirement of always entering a passphrase when importing. The passphrase is now only requested if required.
-Also, now a dialog is presented to select the private key for importing.
-Updates to rename function of SSH keys:
-If the key doesn't have a passphrase, the user is never asked for one.
-Also, now after successful rename, all the sessions are updated to the new key name.
-Added delete all sessions to cloud sync manager
-Also, ask user before unlinking
-Macros: Asked to name when done recording (saving).
-Localization Updates (German, Spanish)
-Added support for email-type usernames in RDP (needed for windows 8 microsoft live accounts)
-Sorting of sessions now keeps connected machines at the top. Resorting is done on connecting and disconnecting.
-Added support for Left/Right shift and Left/Right command (along with existing support for Left/Right Alt)
-Added support for Cmd+C, Cmd+V in terminal sessions.
-Updated German strings -thanks bastelino!
-Added some more logging for rendering engine selection

-Fix bug in session editor that would cause issues with remoter fusion connection.
-Use legacy renderer if:
-MacBook Air from 2011 (MacBookAir,4)
-Lion is being used (not SL or ML)
-The session is 16BPP
(This case has a weird glitch that causes the new renderer not to work, i.e. black/grey screen)
-Small change in VNC input processing to prevent potential crash.
-Static analyzer based cleanup.
-Corrected issues with RetinaDisplay Macs and Native/Native Fullscreen RDP connections.
-Fix SSHKeyAuthFile comparison so it takes into consideration that it can be nil.