RemoterFusion 0.7.0 is out!

[box] Please update your version of RemoterFusion, or download it here. Changes: -Fixed problem with certain routers that was preventing the update message from being sent correctly. -Not mapping port 22 anymore (not used yet) -Fixed manual mapping ip address query timer -Only start port mapping if the computer is registered. This prevents RemoterFusion from … Read moreRemoterFusion 0.7.0 is out!

RemoterVNC 3.0 and 3.0.1 are out

[box]Remoter VNC 3.0 quickly followed by 3.0.1 have been out for a couple of weeks now. Biggest news include RDP, sound streaming and an easy configuration system called RemoterFusion. For more details, please check out these forum threads: // //[/box]